Sugar system upgrade (capacity and powder content capability)

Chocolate manufacturing consumes a high amount of sugar, next to other ingredients, that are mixed and ground together into a very fine paste before becoming the soft product we know. Handling sugar is easier if the sugar is 100% small size crystals and now powder. But powder containing crystal sugar is much cheaper and of course harder to handle. Our customer decided to upgrade its existing sugar handling system to be able to handle a greater capacity and also a large percentage of powder sugar. Target: Redesign and upgrade the existing sugar handling system assuring a higher capacity, powder content capability and high efficiency.
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Food (Chocolate)

North-West EU

Project description

Challenges & Actions:

The challenges that have been overcome, were:

  • powder sugar requires a more technically strict approach.
  • humidity and compactation poses a blockage threat.
  • high velocity poses an explosion threat.
  • whole system needs to have a no compromise explosion preventing design.
  • the existing capacity was already high while the request was to almost double it, getting close to the technical’s approach limit.


They have been addressed by developing:

  • instead of regularly used screw conveyors, we have decided to implement innovative vibratory tubes conveyors, changing the customer’s paradigm.
  • compactation was avoided again by use of vibrations, humidity and explosion risk have been handled by air cooling.
  • only explosion preventing equipment has been integrated, after a rigorous design phase and sub-suppliers involvement.
  • in order to reach the high transport and distribution capacity, all integrated equipment has been checked and proofed to be able to safely work at the top limit.



  • Silo discharging by pneumatic transport designed for high capacity.
  • The product was conveyed 3 stories high.
  • Product distribution system realized by innovative vibratory conveyor integration.
  • An almost doubled capacity.
  • The greatest outcome of the project is the contribution tour customer’s cost cutting efforts and by implementing one of the first such mixed product systems.


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