The purest water for Pharma & Biotech

Kogaion designs and builds complex purified water production, storage and distribution systems for the pharmaceutical industry.
In December 2022 Kogaion was integrated into the RAP Group of companies and became a RAP Tronic Process Engineering company.

With the integration into RAP group, Kogaion complements the technical capabilities and strengthens the market position of RAP Tronic Process Engineering.

RAP Tronic, as one of the main company of RAP Group, provides comprehensive process engineering services, characterized by integrated project management and a high degree of customized solutions. With a synergistic approach of technical competencies and know-how, this partnership will open new opportunities in both development and implementation of equipment and process technologies for clean production environments.

Main business areas are in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and beverage industries.

Raptronic PE is able to provide, both general sanitary design skids for food, beverages and water industry and the design and / or manufacturing of:

  • Water pretreatment plants
  • Reverse Osmosis skids
  • Electrodeionization systems
  • Purified water handling, storage and re-circulation systems
  • Advanced CIP systems
  • CFR21 compliant automation

Whereas RAP Tronic strengthens its position as a leading supplier in its specialist field, Kogaion maintains its legal functionality and continues to offer high-performance solutions and a wider range of technical capabilities.

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