End-to-end project management and turnkey process engineering solutions


The secret to quality products? Optimized processes

Whether in the food, beverage or chemical industry, at RAPTronic Process Engineering we know that specific customer needs can only be met through personal service and customized solutions.

Passionate since 1992

We are a passionate team of engineers, designers and project managers that loves close collaboration and provides tailor-made solutions. 

Integrated engineering services

RAP Tronic offers end-to-end process engineering services, from custom equipment design and development to advanced automation.

Efficiency in projects

We understand the real impact of personalized service, that’s why we provide client-centric, results-oriented project management.

Expertise in various industries

We have interdisciplinary experience in clean industries such as the food, beverage or chemical industry.

Ongoing innovation and development

We are groundbreakers, a team of open-minded people, always eager to innovate and constantly trying to find the best way to meet a challenge.


Integrated turnkey engineering services

RAP Tronic Process Engineering stands readily available to step in throughout every stage of the project, from concept to execution.

Project management

At RAP Tronic Process Engineering our project managers collaborate closely with all stakeholders.

Process engineering

We help customers choose the best technological process and the most suitable equipment for their needs.

Custom equipment design

Besides service integration, we are specialized in equipment development and implementation for various stages of the production process, when standard solutions are not satisfactory.

Equipment relocations

We handle the complete relocation of production systems in clean industries, anywhere in the world. As part of industrial relocations, we adapt and improve the processes and safety standards of the product.

Utility systems

RAP Tronic works with teams of experienced professionals to provide installations for specialized technological utilities, electrical connections, and insulation.


We have built strong relationships with our customers who trust our high-quality, customized solutions. Moreover, we created a network of valuable suppliers that turned into solid partnerships.

RAP Group

RAP Group înglobează o serie de companii cu expertiză diferită, însă care lucrează în sinergie perfectă pentru domenii precum: lucrări generale de construcții, instalații electrice, termice și sanitare sau tehnologie de proces pentru industrii curate.

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