Why RAPTronic?

Dedicated to project management and process engineering since 1992

RAPTronic Process Engineering (RAPTronic) is a part of RAP Group and it started its activity in 1992 with delivering and installation of electrical and automation cabinets. In 1996 it continued with delivering complete technology projects consisting in designing and manufacturing of customized process equipment.


Multidisciplinary approach

Every RAPTronic team member is an example of commitment and innovative spirit. We are brave, creative, and passionate, always asking: What works? What could be improved? What takeaways can we use in future projects?

What defines us

We are determined to impact targeted global industries and communities through innovation and excellence.

We develop and integrate engineering solutions. We provide effective project management and implementation.

We act with passion and integrity

We encourage initiative and learning

We innovate and simplify

We value performance

We encourage open communication


Project management and process engineering in synergy


We believe in performance through innovation, therefore our learning process never stops. With more than 30 years of experience and thousands of projects in clean industries, we have just the right skill set to solve every challenge.


Prioritizing our customers needs drives our success. Partnership is our mindset: expertise, customized solutions, full accountability.


We constantly learn from the projects we deliver and from our clients. We have the capability to understand quickly the challenges of a new task and to adapt to the customers specific needs in terms of technical solutions, delivery terms, customization, and costs.

RAP Group

RAP Group înglobează o serie de companii cu expertiză diferită, însă care lucrează în sinergie perfectă pentru domenii precum: lucrări generale de construcții, instalații electrice, termice și sanitare sau tehnologie de proces pentru industrii curate.

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